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Monthly Letters

Each month a letter in your inbox to tune in with the rhythms in and around you, through words, a guiding question, a bodymindfulness practice and a reminder.

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Guided audio journeys for deep relaxation to tune in with your natural rhythm. Coming soon.

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A guide to tune in with your natural rhythm

Everything in and around us moves in spirals: a circle that comes back each cycle. When we look into our natural environment, at the sun, the moon, the birds and the trees, we are reminded that we are non-linear beings. staykurious developed this yearly guide from winter solstice '22 • '23 to tune in with your own natural rhythm.


A Space for Softness

A peer led space that explored and nurtured the softness within us as we moved through winter. 6 evenings and 6 humans in Amsterdam, starting at the winter solstice '23.


Immersive ritual 

A ritual performed by Flora de Vries (staykurious), Deepali Pahwa and Brechje Meijers to connect with the entity of time. Outcome of a research project on healing practices within a dominant culture for 'Witch Way Now!', performed at 'De Tolhuistuin'/ Paradiso June 2023. 


A spiral of light

As we started the guide in a communal setting through meditation, words and practices, we lit 21 candles on the shortest day of the year December 21, each candle resembling a wish for each of us for a new cycle.

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