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By listening to our bodies, befriending our hearts and minds, and connecting with our natural surroundings, we can tap into rhythms that naturally support us in feeling alive. We can open up to different ways of being: the intuitive, the sensory, the vibrant, and the curious. 

To tune in with these rhythms, we have to understand that we are non-linear beings: we move in cycles just like everything around us. As we connect with nature for guidance, we will understand that there is no start nor end to things, there is nothing to "achieve," and we are supported by nature if we accept its invitation to bond.

Feel welcome to spiral along. 

"By nature we are curious beings."

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"I am an organiser, writer, visual artist, teacher and body worker, with a big interest in the question what it means to be human from a holistic perspective. I started staykurious to share and explore ways in which we can tune in with our natural rhythms to live a more vibrant and harmonious life. My aim is to deconstruct linear belief systems by sharing practices, creating tools, and building spaces that reinforce curiosity, embodiment and support."

• Flora, founder

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A still from a video by Marte Mei van Haaster/ Land-ally

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