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A guide to tune in with your natural rhythm


•How to use this guide: a tool for ritual •


This guide is a tool for ritual to take with you from winter solstice '22•'23 - moving along the rhythmic nature of life on the Northern Hemisphere. We will encounter 50 phases in this time, marked by a new moon, a first quarter moon, a full moon or a third quarter moon. Each phase includes the time of the moon, sunrise and sunset, and the hours of day light.


In this guide, every phase has its own theme, offering a practice, a guiding quest and a reminder. The practices support us to nurture the connection with ourselves, the other and our natural environment. The guiding quests invite us to live with our questions rather than to search for answers. The reminders look after our need to stay human. Each phase is designed to move us along the spiral of life from a place of wakeful attention and curiosity. A way of navigating that tunes in with our natural rhythm by looking inward as well as outward.


The guide includes images, drawings and contributions of bodyworkers, adventurers, poets & more.


Note: the images of the spreads are a digital preview. Small differences may occur. The preview includes the first of fifty phases; the phase of winter solstice 2022.

The guide will be printed in off-set on cream white paper
Swiss binding: enables the guide to stay flat when opened
Comes with a free book divider and a secret ingredient

I save a few copies at the price of the production costs for low income / people with challenging circumstances. Please send an email to if this is the case.If you are willing to pay more or rather like to donate you may click here.

A guide to tune in with your natural rhythm

SKU: guide22/23
€ 24,00Price
VAT Included
  • By staykurious & others
    Winter solstice ‘22•’23
    Northern Hemisphere
    Amsterdam time
    First edition, limited copies

    Concept, text and images by Flora de Vries, staykurious
    Graphic design by Geke Zaal
    Spiral designs by Marte Mei van Haaster, Land-Ally
    Drawings by Ana Lucía Adame Delgado
    Printed locally in offset by drukkerij KABOEM
    Hand-bound locally by Boekbinderij Hennink

    • Size A5
    • 116 pages
    • Cover paper: recycled pulp mix of paper, cardboard, cotton and textiles
    • The guide comes with a free bookdivider made from the same cover paper
    • Swiss binding: hand-bound with yarn
    • All materials are FSC certified, recycled or compostable
    • Secret ingredient inside the guide

    Created wholeheartedly 
    Published independently 
    Distributed communally

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