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Tuning in with our
natural rhythms

"By nature we are curious beings."

staykurious is an exploratory space that deepens the connection with ourselves, each other and our natural surroundings from a place of curiosity. Our aim is to re-define linear beliefs that shape an unhealthy society, and to build tools and spaces that support am intuitive approach to life. One that is about slowing down, opening up the not knowing and living from trust. 

"Let's share acts of softness as an act of resistance"

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Read about our projects & the things we create.


To create exploratory spaces for (un)learning and to tap into a web of support, we initiate seasonal peer led programs & community gatherings.


We send out a free monthly letter to tune in with the rhythms of our natural surroundings and therefore our own. A practice from our guide is included. Read them here.

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