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Tune in with your
natural rhythm

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What does it mean to be human?

staykurious is an exploratory space to deepen the connection with ourselves, each other, and our natural surroundings from a place of curiosity. We re-define linear beliefs that shape unhealthy patterns in our society, and support a cyclical and intuitive approach to life. An approach that is about slowing down, opening up to the rhythms within and around us, and living with trust. 

staykurious started as an archive on embodiment and eco-spirituality in 2019 initiated by Flora, publishing monthly and weekly letters with questions, reminders and practices.This led to the first physical staykurious tool 'a guide to tune in with your natural rhythm' that ran till the end of 2023. Next to tools, we create programs and gatherings to incorporate our approach into our daily lives.


Find out more about our past projects and the things we create.


We initiate programs and gatherings to tune in with our natural rhythms.


A short story on how our approach came to life.

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