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An all embracing approach

As this may sound familiar for some of us, being raised in a linear, rational and mind-dominated environment I got to a point where I got tired, pale, and stuck. I didn’t know how to move forward in life: how to make decisions, how to truly be present and enjoy everything, or how to truly tune in with myself to find the answers. I developed a sense of knowing "this couldn't be it"; that there was something more to find in perceiving life. 


Through patience, slowing down, opening up my senses, asking tons of questions and getting into the field of spiritual ecology, I slowly developed the understanding that it was ok to not know in what direction my life was moving. In fact, I learned that to step into the unknown, I could strengthen my intuition and my creativity. Through connecting with nature I could regain trust: that everything unfolds through a natural rhythm. That I could trust the returning of the seasons, the tides and the light. That within this frame of unfolding there would be enough strength to move through the unknown. A deeper knowing emerged. One in which walking through the rain, sadness, and decay are of equal importance in order to be able to walk through the sun, joy, and birth. Aliveness returned, colours brightened, a natural flow appeared.


I feel excited to spread an all embracing approach to life, to harmonise with the earth and to connect mind with body and beyond. 

- Flora

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